Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some open access goodness from the Clapham lab

Recently, my colleagues in the lab have published open access papers describing their work on various TRP channels.

One, headed up by Sebastian Brauchi (a former postdoc in the lab, who now has his own lab in Chile) and Grigory Krapivinsky, describes the role of TRPM7 on cholinergic vesicle fusion. It was published as open access in PNAS. Download it here.

The second describes work by Stephanie Stotz and colleagues on the sensory transduction mechanisms elicted by the chemical citral (a component of lemongrass). They found multiple effects of citral on a number of TRP channels expressed in sensory neurons, and published their work in PLoSOne. Get it here.

Yay for open access! Actually though, my advisor David always self-archives all of his publications, and they're available at the lab website here.


McDawg said...

Whilst I've only been following OA since late Dec 06, I can highly recommend the Open Access Directory OAD

The website only got launched a few weeks ago and due to high traffic, it's not yet always accessible - give it a chance.

The OAD was first announced here by Prof Suber himself.

Nat Blair said...

Thanks for the link McDawg, I hadn't seen that before! I'll have to check it out more deeply.

And BING, you win the big prize of first comment on the blog. Huzzah!