Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog privacy policy


In the spirit of keeping the debate as open and honest as possible, I will give my commenters with significant leeway when making comments. Anonymous comments are ok, as is some level of profanity (let's keep it R-rated at most).

Spam is not ok. Offending comments will be deleted without warning.

There are some guidelines: If a person's attacks on another become unduly personal or threatening, then you will be warned. After sufficient warning if the behavior does not change, you will be banned.

Private emails:

Anything you send me via email I will keep private, unless you specifically agree otherwise.

Real life interactions:

If you know me in real life, I will not discuss any real life interactions here without your explicit prior consent. Of course, at times real life occurrences will suggest topics I want to explore more fully on this blog. In that case, my approach will be to broaden the scope of the discussion to remove any possibility of attributing specific things to specific people.

Personal data:

I will never intentionally divulge personal information to any other party. Period.

So, if you use a pseudonym, I will not seek out your real life identity. If I do come to learn your real life identity, I will never propagate it to others.

There is only one exception to this rule:

If I suspect a person of participating in illegal activities, then I will turn over any and all information to the proper legal authorities.

I have installed a site counter on this blog, but only for the purposes of seeing how many people come to visit, and to see what sites are linking here. I will not release any IP information.

Changes to this policy:

Seeing as no policy can foresee all eventualities, changes to this policy are possible. When such a case arises, I will discuss it openly to make people aware of the change. Note that the new policy will not be considered to apply retroactively.