Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday quick hits

When blogging has been nonexistent for years, is it fair to say that recent blogging has been "light"? Still, things have been quite busy around here lately, mostly as we work to firm up the shape of a manuscript looking at the regulation of TRPC5 channels (Hmm...seems like a post describing TRP channels more generally is in order - put it in the hopper, which is already bursting at the seams). But in between bouts of analyzing current amplitudes and looking for series resistance errors (pine away you molecular and cell biologists, but remember, you made your choice, wrong as it was), I have been following some interesting science related blog posts and whatnot.

Yaroslav Nikolaev posted an interesting picture of scientific progress. Not sure I agree that the real bottleneck is always assessment stage but check it out. Hmm, it seems I should list 'epistemology' as a hobby in my social networking personae. Whoa, geek overload coming!

The Amazon Kindle looks pretty cool, anyone out there using it? Because I'm in the process of totally phasing out paper printouts of journals (which is going pretty well), so maybe I could expand the scope even further.

Sigh, research misconduct is such a downer. How prevalent is it really, and in what ways is the current architecture of science promote it?

What online reference managers are people out there using? I've been using Connotea, but have also checked out CiteULike a little bit. And I've tried Zotero as well, but it was SLOW. None of these have really grabbed me, so does anyone have a killer app they want to suggest? And no, please don't mention Papers. We're non Mac type in Junction Potential land.

AutoHotKey is an awesome little free app that let's you easily make shortcuts, etc. I don't think I could live without it now.

It's been a few weeks, but my brother and I hit the Iron Maiden show they played in Massachusetts at the Comcast center. Yeah, it was as awesome as it sounds. And yeah, I can hear the jealousy out there.

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Samia said...

I really, really liked the concept behind Kindle until I checked out the pricetag. Still, the possibility of a truly portable, electronic journals is exciting. Sony has developed a product similar to Kindle called the Reader Digital Book. Will have to check out AutoHotKey sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)