Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Igor, which art in RAM,
Hallowed be thy waves,
thy function compiled,
thy procedures be called,
In silico as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily our cell that so totally supports our hypothesis (and is figure quality to boot).
And forgive us our series resistance,
As we forgive them who couldn't tell a reversal potential from a junction potential,
And lead us not into Origin,
But deliver us from Excel.


Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde said...

If I drank coffee, you would totally owe me some mouthfuls.

Now find a way to work in the inevitable n vs n+1 error in Igor, possibly via a Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep parody :)

ps) I turned off the word verification b/c Physio is old/blind/cranky about it, and haven't had any spambot trouble.

Nat Blair said...

Yeah, I'm an Igor geek. Besides, I just like to keep things light. I don't take myself too seriously.

inevitable n vs n+1 error
Meaning that waves are zeroth-indexed?

I'll change up the commenting. It can always be turned back on so let's be scientists and do an experiment. I'm nothing if not an empiricist!

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde said...

Both the zero-index (which always messes with my head at the redimension/n=??), and just the usual do-while loop stuff: should the while statement be while n less than x or n less than or equal to x?

If you know what I mean....

Unbalanced Reaction said...