Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life seems to be approaching a new steady-state of normalcy. I suppose adding a new member to the family, especially under difficult circumstances, will do that to you. But as with many stressful, tiring, and anxiety provoking events (grad school, post-doc, residency, arrival of the first child), these are times that show we have more inner wherewithal than we expected. Of course, that's not to say that there aren't a lot of ups and downs!

Let me just note that this experience of the second child is so different than that of the first. We're different as parents obviously, having so much more confidence. I'm not examining the baby every few seconds thinking, "OMG, is she breathing????" Also, this baby might be a little more chillun than the first, though of late she has certainly found her "voice". Then there's the consideration that we have another short person who needs attention, and is determined to retain his 6:30-7 AM wake up time. *rubs bleary eyes*

Still, although the amount of work is greater, it's kinda more of the same. In that way, it's so different than the complete sea change that occurred when we brought the first one home. Cause sheesh, we made some goofy rookie mistakes. So, if you're expecting, let me give you some advice. Set up your changing table early. Because no baby wants to be experience the touch of a cold leather sofa minutes after arriving home! And bring extra clothes to the first pediatrician appointment..and, aw, there's plenty more *blushes*

Other than all the work at home, and the work at lab, I'm trying to carve out a little time to blog. There are a whole host of things as post material that are on my mind.

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