Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogrolling, Junction Potential Style!

I recently started following Jerry Coyne's blog over at "Why Evolution Is True"and I wanted to highlight it in case it flew under other folks's radars. Jerry is a prominent evolutionary biologist, and is well known for his critiques of intelligent design and other creationist gobbledygook. His essay, "The Case Against Intelligent Design: The Faith that Dare Not Speak Its Name" (here) is required reading for anyone interested in the subject.

Today's issue of Science has Jerry's review (sorry, behind paywall) of Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirschenbaum's book Unscientific America. It's definitely worth a read (check back at WEIT, as he might be able to post more of the review there), though a little more shrillness would help. ;)

Now, I'll admit I'm somewhat partial here, seeing as Jerry teaches at the University of Chicago (oh, dear alma mater). In fact he taught the required evolutionary biology class back in 1995 when I was but a larval biologist. Sadly though, at the time I was a fairly uninspired student of the subject, making me wish I could do it over again now. Maybe in another life.


DSK Samways said...

I like Coyne's blog, even though the likes of he and I have arguably been divided by the Great Atheist Reformation.

As for Unscientific America... I know I should read it first but... having read the reviews - and been made aware that one of the authors confessed to a rather unprofessional misrepresentation of a scientific colleague - I just can't bring myself to spend the greenbacks on it.

Nat Blair said...

Jerry's blog definitely has a nice high signal to noise ratio. Something I personally find lacking in, for example, Pharyngula. PZ's best posts are worth reading, but there's too much otther stuff to wade through.

And since (in the mostly casual way I've considered the issue), he and I are on the same side following the Reformation, that's not an issue for me.

But I did like the recent link to Wilkins's discussion of the atheist and agnostic labels. It's on the "To think more about" queue, but there's a lot in front of it!