Thursday, July 29, 2010

Belatedly, and memely, yours

Earlier this month the "Who are you, what are you doing and why do you keep looking at me!!??!" meme came back with a vengeance worse than the West Nile virus fears in Eastern Massachusetts. I saw it on Drugmonkey, wherein I cringed at my old age.

Two years ago, Ed Yong at his Not Exactly Rocket Science blog (currently living here) posted this question to his readers, asking them why they come to the blog. From there it spread to various other science blogs.

Since my own return to blogging, I thought I'd ask my readers out there why they follow these ramblings, and what brings them here. What posts do you find most interesting. I'm especially interested in hearing from any lurkers out there. Besides, DM tagged people, and who am I to ignore that?


Nat Blair said...

Sheesh, don't everybody sign up at once.

You might clog the tubes of the internet!

ScientistMother said...

ooops sorry! I thought you knew about me from last time...