Friday, October 1, 2010

Damn I love being a scientist!

Even though most times it's difficult, experiments don't cooperate (cells, I'm looking at you), the future isn't certain, there's NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD I would do rather than be a scientist. I love it.

I also love the actual doing of the experiments. There are many postdocs out there who are counting the days until they can stop doing experiments (well, no one forced you to be a Western jockey), and let other people do it. Not me. I get an inordinate amount of satisfaction from craft of experiments.

So, off to patch clamping. The soundtrack to Conan The Barbarian is blasting. We'll see if the Wheel of Pain has me or the cells as its subject.


Anonymous said...

Dude, what's with the Russian spam?

Nat Blair said...

Weird, the Blogger spam filter has been pretty good. I'll have to go mark these.

Girlpostdoc said...

thanks for stopping by the blog.

And I couldn't agree with you more about science.