Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a beautiful....pair of sodium currents!

I was recently looking back over one of my papers from my thesis work, and came across a recording that I frankly find just beautiful. I had it in my mind to post it, and then Dr. J's post about their recent beautiful gel spurred me on to finally do it (another of the benefits of non-pseudonymity):

Figure 1: Sodium currents during action potential waveforms in nociceptive sensory neurons.

Look at that goddamn subtraction! And that outward transient current in TTX-R? Gating. Current. Sure it might be from a 6 year old paper, but it still thrills me a little. Some of this nostalgia might be related to the comparative lack of beautiful TRP channel currents I encounter these days. Oh, for a TTX of TRP channels. Oh, for closing your channels with negative potentials. *sigh*

As I commented over at Dr. J's place, beautiful data don't necessarily equal meaningful data (same with the converse), but I do think there's likely some correlation between the two. 


Dr. J said...

Good job!!! We should take the occasional satisfaction in our jobs - it is not like we don't get enough abuse!!!

Nat Blair said...

This is one of the best aspects of science blogging: breaking the isolation and simply making the fun parts more fun, so they can better battle with the crap parts!

Dr. A said...


Nat Blair said...

*nervously scans around for angry gods*

*whispers* Thanks Dr. J!

Nat Blair said...

Yeah, and Dr. A. Thanks too. *facepalm*